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What are guest badge prices and qualifications?

You can add guest badges to an attendee's registration for $100 each for those over the age of 18. They are allowed access to the shuttles, nightly entertainment, and the exhibit halls.   Those under 18 will require one to visit the exhibit hall, shuttles and nightly entertainment but there is no charge for these.  The maximum guest badges is 2 for over 18 and 2 for under 18 for registrants.  2 for exhibitors. THESE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


VMX Guest Badges, Guest passes are for friends and family with no affiliation with the veterinary industry. Purchasing a guest badge states I hereby certify that my identified guests are not veterinary professionals or veterinary industry professionals. All Guests require a badge including children. Admission into Scientific Sessions, Hands-on Workshops, Rounds, and Meet the Professor Luncheons is not allowed for guests. Lunch is not provided with a guest badge.

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