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AVS Errors.--- ( Credit Card Errors)

Issue: when registering and selecting my Credit Card I receive an Address Verification error message (AVS)


There are several items that can cause AVS Errors:

1) Incorrect billing address (Error message: The AVS data provided is invalid, or AVS is not allowed for the card type submitted)

By default the registration auto populates your registration address in the Credit Card address field. Please ensure the address is the Billing Address for the credit card being utilized.

2) the Address field is blank (Error message: Address information was not submitted in the transaction information, so AVS check could not be performed)

Please ensure the address is the Billing Address for the credit card being utilized. 

3) AVS Unavailable (Error message: AVS was unavailable at the time the transaction was processed. Retry transaction)

Retry the transaction and if the error reoccurs select Check as your payment method, then make your payment later in the Attendee Service Center(ASC) or by calling NAVC Customer Service.

4) The Credit Cards bank does not support AVS (Error message: The credit card issuing bank is of non-U.S. origin and does not support AVS or The U.S. card issuing bank does not support AVS)

 Please use a different Credit Card, pay by eCheck, Check, or Wire Transfer

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