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What is Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification Course and who can take it?

The Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification an online certification program intended for anyone in the industry or who is interested in pet nutrition and theraputics and who wants to understand the importance of the basics of nutrition and how to have a pet nutrition conversation with pet owners. Proper nutritional management is one of the most important factors in maximizing health, performance and longevity, and in managing numerous diseases in pets. As clients have become more aware of the importance of nutrition to their own health, they expect a higher standard of nutritional care for their pets. The veterinary healthcare team should be the preferred, expert source of the best nutritional plan for pets. Veterinary healthcare teams that understand and embrace clinical nutrition, and demonstrate in-clinic behaviors consistent with that conviction, will benefit their patients, their clients, their practices and the profession.

The NAVC Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification applies evidence-based research and specific nutrient functions to help prevent and manage a range of pet illnesses, from intestinal and dermatologic conditions to mobility and more. This program is designed to assist the entire veterinary healthcare team in understanding the value and importance of nutritional assessments and specific nutritional recommendations to support the medical management, health and longevity of patients.

This interactive program was developed by subject matter experts in pet nutrition who are passionate about veterinary healthcare team education and practical incorporation of nutrition as the fifth vital assessment in patient care.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of nutritional management as a critical part of a pet’s healthcare plan.

  • Successful treatment and management of pet obesity.

  • The steps to completing a nutritional assessment and recommending a nutritional plan for management of common pet diseases.

  • How nutritional management can impact endocrine, gastrointestinal, dermatologic,
    renal, hepatobiliary, cardiovascular, urinary diseases, joint mobility and critically ill patients.

  • Communicating the importance of therapeutic nutrition to clients and gaining client compliance with your specific nutritional recommendations.

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